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Welcome Aboard!

Luxury sailing Houseboats

- Unique opportunity -

Production number Surla #15020 is available! Reserve this place and in the spring you will have your own Surla houseboat


Surla Houseboats BV consists of Yachting, Renting and Investment


A Unique Adventure

In 2020 I, Robbert Jan Meerpoel, started the project called Surla #1. Living on the water was the big dream. Houseboats and Tiny houses are gaining in popularity enormously. But the designs from my search were not satisfactory. After months of preparation, sketches, discussions with many parties, and a design process with architects and nautical engineers, the time had come. We started construction at the end of October and on April 4, 2021 we had our Maiden Voyage and the Houseboat was ready to live on.

Because we built Surla#1 with great pleasure and passion and there is a lot of demand and interest for our Houseboat, my girlfriend, Judith Nijmeijer, and I decided to start producing these boats in series as a professional company. It is possible to buy , rent and/or a combination of both a Houseboat and we will arrange the management.

For us, Surla stands for great memories of a lovely beach bar at the surfers paradise beach of Tarifa in southern Spain.

Bij Surla bouwen we varende, zelfvoorzienende, ecologische houseboats met het stuurkolom op het dak

Loved by
Friends & Families

rent a houseboat on dutch waters

The five of us really enjoyed our special stay on the Houseboat in Kaag! The boat is in a beautiful setting in the middle of the water. It looks fantastic inside and out and is fully equipped (even a hot outdoor shower)!

July 2, 2021, 3 nights

surla nature.jpg

Luxury meets nature

Surla stands for respect for nature, 100% ecological and 100% self-sufficient. The challenge is to be able to recreate independently of utilities from April to November.  And it worked. And that goes together with space and luxury.


Our ships are designed with a passion for the outdoors and the use of natural materials. 

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