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This is a Surla 15 and the first one we build. This houseboat is moored at the Kagerplassen and available for rental in the summer


Here at Surla Yachting BV, our Houseboats are made from the best materials and manufactured with the most advanced techniques. From idea to execution, we are proud of everything we produce here. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your luxury Houseboat, just like all the customers that came before you. View the options below. 


The Fleet

Our showpiece, this model is the largest in our fleet. A wonderfully large and spacious ship, suitable for many furnishings and uses.


We designed the Surla 15 for intensive and permanent recreational use. Despite its size and weight, the ship is easy to navigate and maneuver.


Being moored in a port 12 months a year really limits the possibilities. We designed the Surla 15 for use on open inland waters, for beautiful trips and creating memories. You will be amazed by the space, the light and the feeling of freedom.


We use beautiful natural materials combined with maintenance-free plastic sliding doors. Based on our mission, we opt for sustainability, 100% self-sufficient, ecological and environmentally friendly installations. 


Within sustainability measurement, we work with various environmentally friendly quality marks and certification.


  • Ship length 14.85*6 meters

  • Catamaran floats polyethylene

  • Frame construction made of galvanized steel

  • Welded cellar box for buoyancy. Installations and storage space below deck

  • Spud poles mooring system

  • Gangway

  • Front, rear and a roof terrace

  • 3 large sliding doors in the living room

  • Steering column on the roof terrace

  • Underfloor heating, pellet stove

  • (Warm) outdoor shower

  • Two double bedrooms 

  • multifunctional space that can be used for, among other things: bunk bed, office, or… 

  • Fully equipped straight kitchen measuring approx. 280*60 cm, including a dishwasher

  • Completely self-sufficient. No shore power required from April to October

  • Bathroom with shower, sink and dry toilet

  • Solar panels (8 pieces) 

  • patented 3-phase bio wastewater system (Surla-IBA) for cleaning gray wastewater

  • patented surface water intake via pump installation and 4-phase filtration to use water and additional 4-phases to drinking water quality

  • CE-D inspection

  • Ask ouronline brochurefor all the facts! 



The Surla 15 roughly has a number of different configurations to choose from. Standard layout with two separate double bedrooms. And a third bedroom with bunk beds. 

The size of this model is 15*6 m. Suitable for 4 people. Do you have special wishes for the layout of the Houseboat? Everything is negotiable. The spaces can be arranged according to your wishes. How about a larger bathroom or an office? The possibilities are endless. 


Surla model M

This sailing holiday home has a size of 10.80 * 4.20 m. It is suitable for 4 people. The layout can be realized according to your own needs. 



Surla 12-001: standaard ingedeeld met een twee persoonsslaapkamer met veel licht en een schuifpui naar een ruim achterterras, een badkamer met toilet, wastafel en douche in de ouderslaapkamer.  

Surla 12-002: de ruimte waarin het stapelbed is voorzien, kan ook worden gebruikt als opslag. Waarin we vanuit de slaapkamer kastruimte plannen en vanuit de keuken extra ruimte voor bv een wasmachine en dergelijke.

Surla hotel suite op het water speciaal voor 2 personen  ontworpen

Surla model S

Model S is suitable for 2 persons. The dimensions are 10.80 * 4.20 m. Endless possibilities in terms of layout .... We would like to hear your wishes.

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