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Here at Surla Yachting BV, our Houseboats are made from the best materials and manufactured with the most advanced techniques. From idea to execution, we are proud of everything we produce here. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your luxury Houseboat, just like all the customers that came before you. View the options below. 


The Fleet

We have several moorings in beautiful places in the Netherlands, so that we can give our customers the ultimate experience of recreating on a houseboat. Experiences that will no longer be forgotten and hopefully customers will come back to us for that reason. 


We rent through, among others. our own rental site, Airbnb and important traffic partners. In this case, Surla will enter into a management and rental agreement with you. You can block as many nights of your own in the agenda as you want. Free nights are used by us for rental to our guests. 



-Net profit margin 8%

-Gross rental profit margin: 12%

-12 rentable months per year

-Average number of rentable days per month is 30 

-Average yield EUR 250

-Occupancy rate 80%



It is assumed that sales will grow in the years 2022-2023 because Covid-19 will continue to persist, even after vaccination.

The forecast indicates that the starting point is that rentals will increase because people will recreate more often in their own country. 

Recreation in our own country remains as popular as ever. And also attracts many holidaymakers from surrounding countries such as Belgium and Germany.


There is great demand from this target group for luxurious, special overnight accommodations in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. We are happy to meet that need. 

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